Developing new and novel solutions for marine science and conservation.

Blackbeard Biologic is an environmental consulting firm specializing in ocean education and innovation. We provide support for a variety of programs ranging from K-12 education, to open-source instrumentation development, to policy consultations and briefings. We develop new and novel tools for ocean science, education, and outreach.

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Technology Workshops

Whether you want to build an underwater robot with your high school class or develop your own oceanographic instruments for a formal research program, Blackbeard has the tools and expertise to meet your needs. We partner with OpenROV and Oceanography for Everyone to run hands-on workshops that turn students into skilled technicians. We offer an intensive Marine Ecology via Remote Observation course where students will not only build their own underwater robots, but learn how to collect data and conduct surveys using these new tools. Underwater robot workshops are also perfect for corporate team building retreats. For more advanced students, we offer a marine instrumentation workshop to teach students to construct their own oceanographic instruments to use for research, education, and exploration.


Marine Science and Conservation Policy

Our consultants specialize in national and international ocean science and policy. We are a non-partisan, apolitical and operate based on the best available science. We believe that regional, national, and international ocean issues provide the greatest potential for reaching across the aisle and forming bipartisan coalitions that benefit all Americans.

We offer competitive rates and retainers for consultation on ocean science and policy issues ranging from regional fisheries management to the benefits and drawbacks of large, remote marine protected areas. We are detail-focused  and is more concerned with the specifics of each issue, rather than adhering to broad, imprecise positions. We have worked on issues ranging from deep-sea mining to marine protected areas, sanctuaries, and monuments to ecosystem-based fisheries management, to recreational angling, to species specific protection to marine robotics and the integration of new technologies in the marine ecosystem. Should you need advisors for particularly novel or challenging ocean projects, we are well-connected to experts in both academia and industry and can help you identify the right person. We are prepared to provide background briefings, position papers, critical reviews of existing legislation, and policy audits to ensure that recommendations adhere to the best available data. Should need an ocean policy advisor for your staff, we also offer headhunting services.

Outreach Campaigns

Blackbeard Biologic can provide full service support for ocean outreach campaigns, either through conventional or social media. Our science writers have been published in Scientific American, Vice, Hakai, and local and regional newspapers. We recruit from a pool of exceptional ocean science writers to help tailor an ocean outreach campaign to you needs. We work with you to develop social media and communications strategies that will yield tangible results for your organization. Blackbeard supports and maintains Southern Fried Science, one of the the leading ocean science and conservation blogs


We specialize in finding novel solutions to unique problems. From 3D printing a tricky piece of hardware to preparing a policy brief for a particularly complex piece of legislation, the greater the challenge the greater we thrive. Need a custom piece of hardware? Looking for a consultation on an innovative new ocean initiative? Identified an emerging ocean problem and don’t know if a solution exists or is even possible? If you’ve got an ocean problem and can’t find the solution, talk to us.

We excel in approaching challenging, unique projects with an eye towards finding repeatable, efficient solutions.

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